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This I Believe…

Yes, this is a food blog…I am a self confessed, incurable, incorrigible, “foodie”. To a large degree this translates into a deep joy in relishing food from a physical perspective. Putting together a bunch of seemingly random ingredients, giving way to creativity and imagination to make a satisfying, good looking and delicious result. Howevever, more than from a physical sense,  I find  satisfaction and nourishment in food from a spiritual perspective.

Since this is my own blog and I choose what to post in it (yay me!), I thought today I would post a bit about one of my favourite soul foods…music! For me, music, particularly Christian music is a necessary part of my daily experience and feeds my spirit more than physical food sustains my body.

One of my favourite radio stations to listen to is Hope 103.2. If you’re in Sydney then you just tune in to …..103.2 in your FM dial. Otherwise, you can listen online. It’s a great source of Christian and contemporary music. I also love listening to the Daily Devotionals with  Pastor Chris Witts which you can subsribe to in iTunes (this totally works for me as my iPhone is usually where I am).

I don’t have as much time these days to take photos of and document  my cooking attempts, however this gives me more time to share some of my favourite spiritual food with you instead. Like this song “This I Believe” from The Creed.

I heard this song from Hope 103.2 not too long ago and it has become a new favourite. I just found it on youtube to share with you as I don’t know how to it link to iTunes. I hope you enjoy this nourishing meal!